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This is Helen's fault - not mine... can't be...

... I mean, you all read her message, I was named specifically. I'm floored. And now I blog. Yippieh-ayeeh!!! I'm a blogger...

So, it only took me 3 minutes to find the blogs, another 5 to read them, 2 minutes to set this one up and about 15 minutes to figure out how to make an entry... Thank god I'm a intellectually advancing person.

Right now nothing soapy going on here on the coast, so I thought to myself, you have no time for a life in the first place, why not take on another project, so you got even more to b**ch about. Let's face it, I'm European and we complain. We developed it into an art-from. Really, I mean it.

Anyway, before I get sidetracked even more let me tell you about the project from hell.

Before I tell you anymore, please all take a minute and enjoy this:

Posted Image

Are you sufficiently impressed? I thought so. Let me tell you, the first time I walked in my bathroom I almost passed out. Never seen anything like it before. Seriously. Never, ever before.

And yeah, you all guessed right: It is the wallpaper. One must admire the elegant choice of stylish, minimalistic patterns enhanced by the sheer beauty of this almost romantic floral print. I was in awe. Honestly. It was a very overwhelming experience to walk into this hall of luxury every morning. So, I painted it bright yellow last year.

Posted Image

Posted Image

(I know it looks kinda green. But it is a real bright sun-flowery yellow)

Now that I have much less time than last year, I decided it is time for some minor changes because the yellow gets on my nerves as well.

Which means: I'm gutting it. All of it must come out. Now. I'll re-glaze the tub and the shower, rip out the cabinet and the toilet and start from there. And because Helen did this, I let you all join me on another never-ending project of mine...

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